Project Manager

Project Manager


Mesa is ready to hire its next team member! We specialize in millwork and building custom furniture for commercial spaces in Nashville, TN.

Primarily, the role will be in charge of running Mesa’s overall job board, scheduling installs, organizing projects, and working with the shop foreman.  This job will require an individual who can work equally well with the Sales Team, Operations Team, and the Shop Foreman.


Mesa is a younger, growing company with a strong nine person team. We are committed and creative men and women working together to build durable, high-quality, well-designed furniture and millwork for the city of Nashville. From weekly team meetings, to Hot Dog Fridays we pride ourselves on collaborative and familial work culture. The Production Manager position will work in the office at our shop with owners, Jon and Kyle. In addition, they will regularly meet with the build team, head to site visits and even assist on installs when needed. We do not expect our salaried team members to support the entire weight of the company. We love our work life balance here at Mesa and try to keep everyone on a reasonable work schedule. 


Job Role

  • Oversees production in the shop and manages project timelines by communicating between the Shop Foreman, client, and admin team to complete projects.
  • In charge of knowing all details of the job board.
  • Translates drawings and jobs to shop foreman and crew, as needed.
  • Checks install sites ahead of time, throughout the install and designates punch-lists
  • Maintains lists of regularly needed inventory, checks regularly and communicates with Purchasing Team
  • Provides monthly goals for the shop foreman.
  • Works with purchaser to manage vendor timelines.
  • Responsible for producing high-quality commercial jobs on time
  • Creates project organization virtually and physically in the office.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Attention-to-detail is priority number one. Needs to be highly-organized and able to clearly communicate details to other team members. 
  • Able to read and understand construction drawings
  • Able to pull accurate field measurements
  • Solid level fabrication skills
  • Understanding of core fundamentals and construction methods in wood and metal fabrication. 
  • 10+ years working in a professional wood shop, high end commercial job sites or drafting experience

Pay / Time

  • Full Time Salary $70,000 - $80,000
  • 5 Days Paid Time Off + 14 paid holidays
  • 50% Health Care and Dental
  • Computer / Desk / Software provided
  • Effective immediately

‍Email careers@madebymesa.com with your resume to apply